Surviving the Medical/Nursing/Paramedic System. Self Care for Health Professionals

  Medicine, nursing, paramedicine are friggen hard jobs.  We are expected to be experts in people skills, multiple technical skills and have and keep up to date a huge body of knowledge.  Especially as newbies in the system our workloads and hours can be harmful to all concerned. We are required frequently to make important […]


Corneal abrasions and foreign bodies. Drs Potts and Winn

Assessment and management of corneal abrasions and foreign bodies in ED.     Audio only:   Slides: Corneal abrasions and f bs from chricres The penetrating eye injury case discussed in this presentation is here Eyeball takes a hammering Corneal foreign body image from: Music: Alabama 3: Too Sick to Pray  

STEMI criteria

STEMI Criteria. Dr Paul Sia

Audio only Slides only Stemi criteria from chricres Reference: Third universal definition of myocardial infarction. Circulation. 2012 Oct 16;126(16):2020-35 Image from


NZ EM On line discussion group for NZ Emergency Medicine Doctors

  NZ EM is a Google+ online discussion group for NZ emergency medicine doctors. Join Google+ if you don’t already belong.  Then ask to join NZ EM Music: Bridges by Broods


Clinical Medicine: Using your senses and clinical skills. Dr Andy Ketchin

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Obstetric Emergency Communication and Teamwork

  Audio   Obstetric emergency communication and teamwork from chricres Phone image from Panic face image from Music: Mr Wendle. Arrested Development.


Swarm based medical education

Medical education has left the textbook and the traditional institutions and has taken on a life of its own in cyberspace. How do we know who to listen to in all the buzzing?   Swarm based medical education from chricres   Image from

iscahemic bowel

Surgical Emergencies Dr Rebecca Thomas

          Image from


Katipo and Red Back Spider Bites

  Australian red back spiders, American black widow and the NZ katipo spider are closely related. Katipo bites are very rare.  Red back bites in Australia are relatively common They very rarely kill people but cause extreme pain and may cause sweating, piloerection, abdominal and back pain, itch and nausea. Treatment Red back spider antivenom […]


Rapid Sequence Intubation

Audio:   Rapid sequence intubation (RSI) is the rapid anaesthetising and paralysing of a patient to facilitate tracheal intubation. RSI is the cornerstone of emergency airway management. There are many variations and nuances.  This post will only cover simple, standard RSI. RSI is one of the most complex and dangerous procedures in emergency medicine.  Passing […]