Oxy morons. Avoid prescribing oxycodone

It has been interesting moon-lighting at another hospital to see how much oxycodone (common brands names: oxynorm and oxycontin) was being used professionally and recreationally. I was out with a friend who told me he had been given 1 1/2 oxycontin tabs by an acquaintance a while ago and had been high as a kite […]

Pull my finger

Pull my finger. Dorsal dislocation of PIP

A young adult male sustained an open dislocation of the PIP for his middle finger while playing rugby. Hopefully he wasn’t doing a Hopoate. The finger was neurovascularly intact.  The wound was not obviously contaminated. The finger was anaesthetised using a ring block at the level of the web space and the wound was cleaned. […]

Korero Maori

How to pronounce Maori names. Ned Tapa and Chris Cresswell

Everybody appreciates it if you attempt to pronounce their name or the name of their town properly. Here Ned Tapa helps me get my tongue around some Māori names.   Letters There are only 15 letters in the Māori alphabet. 5 basic vowels and 10 consonants.   Two of the consonants are written as digraphs (two letters […]


Making use of your character strengths. Dr Johanne Egan

The theory is that by developing your strengths, rather than trying to fix your weaknesses, you get more enjoyment out of your work and will perform better. It may also help you to work well as team with others with complementary character strengths, The VIA (Virtues in Action) Institute on Character is run by Prof […]


Shoulder Dystocia. Midwife Angela Adam

Recognition and management Shoulder dystocia. Midwife Angela Adam from chris cresswell on Vimeo.   Shoulder dystocia checklist from Wanganui Hospital   Image from http://jinshin.deviantart.com/art/Shoulder-Dystocia-160523020   Music: Whai Atu by Paddy Free (featuring Richard Nunns and Waimihi Hotere)  

Compassion large

Compassionate Healthcare. Dr Robin Youngson

This is an interview with an anaesthetist Dr Robin Youngson. He has dedicated his career to adding compassion to healthcare after witnessing technically perfect, but inhumane, care of his daughter in a good hospital.   Compassionate Healthcare. Dr Robin Youngson from chris cresswell on Vimeo. His key practices: Random acts of  kindness At the end […]

Replacement of inverted uterus large

Uterine Inversion. Midwife Jo McDonnell

          Uterine replacement image from: http://www.aafp.org/afp/2007/0315/p875.html Flow Chart from PROMPT Practical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training Course Manual Australia and New Zealand Edition.  RANZCOG.  2013 Video produced and published with permission from Martin Sowter, editor of the above manual.  

Palliation Baron

Palliative Care in ED

Palliation in ED can be quick, easy and very effective, and you don’t have to worry that you are “knocking you patients off” The Case I arrived at work to start a mid-morning shift. An older patient was puffing and moaning in one of the rooms.  He’d been in ED since just after midnight, been […]


Positive Psychology – Learning from the Military

An interview with two military psychologists, Kristen and John Hamling, about Positive Psychology and how it can be used to enhance health professionals’ performance. The US and Australian military have invested heavily in Positive Psychology to improve soldiers’ performance and reduce burn out. Health professionals face similar stressors and are similarly very expensive to train […]

CAPD peritonitis

Cloudy CAPD fluid => intraperitoneal antibiotics now

A 60-year-old dialysis patient presented with moderate abdominal pain. She told the doctor who saw her that her continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) fluid was cloudy. Her obs were normal. Examination revealed generalised abdominal rebound tenderness The doctor hadn’t looked at a CAPD fluid sample and wanted to wait for the blood tests before deciding […]