Corneal abrasions and foreign bodies. Drs Potts and Winn

Assessment and management of corneal abrasions and foreign bodies in ED.     Audio only:   Slides: Corneal abrasions and f bs from chricres The penetrating eye injury case discussed in this presentation is here Eyeball takes a hammering Corneal foreign body image from: Music: Alabama 3: Too Sick to Pray  


NZ EM On line discussion group for NZ Emergency Medicine Doctors

  NZ EM is a Google+ online discussion group for NZ emergency medicine doctors. Join Google+ if you don’t already belong.  Then ask to join NZ EM Music: Bridges by Broods


Clinical Medicine: Using your senses and clinical skills. Dr Andy Ketchin

Music: Proud to Play a Pipe by Breabach Image from:


Diabetes in ED and the Wards. Clinical Nurse Specialists Bailey and Williams

A talk by two diabetes nurse specialists to a group of junior doctors on all things diabetes: Slides Diabetes mx from chricres Audio only: Bee image from


Obstetric Emergency Communication and Teamwork

  Audio   Obstetric emergency communication and teamwork from chricres Phone image from Panic face image from Music: Mr Wendle. Arrested Development.


Rapid Sequence Intubation

Audio:   Rapid sequence intubation (RSI) is the rapid anaesthetising and paralysing of a patient to facilitate tracheal intubation. RSI is the cornerstone of emergency airway management. There are many variations and nuances.  This post will only cover simple, standard RSI. RSI is one of the most complex and dangerous procedures in emergency medicine.  Passing […]


Wound Care. Dr Erik Adler

  Slides Wound care in ER. Dr Erik Adler from chricres   Music: Crave You by Flight Facilities (Adventure Club Remix) Wound photo from


Urology and Urinary Tract Infections. Dr Dan Morrissy, with input from Dr Anand Swaminathan

Urology. Dr Dan Morrissy, Emergency Physician from chris cresswell on Vimeo.   Dr Morrissy’s slides ED Urology. Dr Dan Morrissy from chricres Correction:  Urine PCR is no longer recommended for STI screening in females Also remember to obtain serology for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B for any patient who is being screened/tested for an STI Audio […]


Products of conception and live-born, non-viable fetuses

Products of Conception As mentioned in the last post on bleeding in early pregnancy be careful not to call anything “products of conception”, an “embryo”, “fetus”, “baby” etc.  It is very easy to think endometrium or clot is products of conception.  If you see some membrane or tissue tell the patient that you have seen […]


Vaginal Bleeding +/or Shock in Early Pregnancy

      Fundus below umbilicus = very unlikely to be viable pregnancy. If not sure if pregnant or not: urine ßHCG, via catheter if necessary, or bedside blood ßHCG: 4 drops of whole blood in a urine test kit.  It may take 4 minutes to get result.  NB only ~ 96% sensitive so a […]