Korero Maori

How to pronounce Maori names. Ned Tapa and Chris Cresswell

Everybody appreciates it if you attempt to pronounce their name or the name of their town properly. Here Ned Tapa helps me get my tongue around some Māori names.   Letters There are only 15 letters in the Māori alphabet. 5 basic vowels and 10 consonants.   Two of the consonants are written as digraphs (two letters […]

Compassion large

Compassionate Healthcare. Dr Robin Youngson

This is an interview with an anaesthetist Dr Robin Youngson. He has dedicated his career to adding compassion to healthcare after witnessing technically perfect, but inhumane, care of his daughter in a good hospital.   Compassionate Healthcare. Dr Robin Youngson from chris cresswell on Vimeo. His key practices: Random acts of  kindness At the end […]


Obstetric Emergency Communication and Teamwork

  Audio   Obstetric emergency communication and teamwork from chricres Phone image from http://mobilephones.pk/reviews/emergency-calls-now-free-from-all-networks-%E2%80%9Cthe-number-allocation-and-administration-regulations-2011%E2%80%9D-issued-by-pta/ Panic face image from http://tamlynn75random.blogspot.co.nz/2012/02/panic-face.html Music: Mr Wendle. Arrested Development.


Avoiding burnout for junior docs

    Download audio here (right-click and save or save as) or Music: Urthboy.  Clocks.  https://itunes.apple.com/nz/album/signal-bonus-track-version/id258343382   Image from http://newscenter.berkeley.edu/2011/12/06/compassionfatigue/

meditation script

Prescribing Meditation or Mindfulness for Your Patients

We all have lots of patients everyday who need a bit of help to chill and a bit of distraction from their anxiety, depression or chronic pain. If we refer them to mental health or the pain clinic chances are these days it is likely they will be taught how to meditate or do mindfulness […]


Own the Resuscitation Room – Cliff Reid

Cliff Reid from Resus.me gave this talk at Essentials of Emergency Medicine in Las Vegas today. He discusses mastering your team, yourself and the patient.  He advocates training in resus for resus, having systems to manage stress like RSI checklists Here’s the one we use in Whanganui: It looks complicated – because it’s a complicated […]


When things go wrong

    We are human.  We all stuff up sometimes. We try to prevent mistakes by studying, peer review, courses and listening to our colleagues – especially our patients’ guardian angels, the nurses. But when we do make mistakes  what we do afterwards to address the mistake is important.  As I’ve made plenty of mistakes […]