Palm EM: Emergency Medicine App for your phone, iPad or tablet


Palm EM had a very favourable review in Tessa Davis’ TechTool Thursday on Life in the Fast Lane.

It’s a great app for iPhone, iPad, or android phone or tablet.

It’s not Free Open Access Medical Education but one of costs of NZ$25 it’s a bargain.  I was paying hundreds of dollars a year for PEPID but I’ve dumped that know.  Palm ED is cheaper, prettier, faster and it’s calculators are easier to use in a hurry.  PEPID was more detailed.

One weakness is the lack of approaches to some common presenting problems.  There is no section on SOB/dyspnoea/dyspnea or shock.  There are good differentials for chest pain and headache but not an “approach to”.  The syncope section has the San Francisco Rules, but nothing else – no reminder to check a BHCG, feel for a AAA or to check the ECG for Brugada syndrome.

Another down side is that it is in American, but we do have to be multilingual in this business.  We have to know that norepinephrine = noradrenaline, acetaminophen = paracetamol etc.

For new ED docs, you will want something like MD on Call as well.  I’ll review that soon.

Here are some screen shots of Palm EM









Music: Breakout by Ash Grunwald

Download audio here (right-click and save or save as) or Emergency Medicine Tutorials

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