Insomnia and Sleep

Insomnia appears to be a plague in our society. Many of our patients suffer from it. Many health professionals have trouble sleeping and often use alcohol or other drugs to help them sleep.

Any of the mindfulness meditations in the previous post can be used to help get you or your patients get to sleep – and if it doesn’t work at least you are doing something useful while you are awake. Part of the trick is to not fight the insomnia – or the distractions – while you meditate. Just accept them and turn your attention back to your chosen focus.

Falling Asleep by The Meditation Podcast is a guided meditation specifically designed to help you fall asleep. I gave it to one of my colleagues who was having trouble sleeping. It worked well – but scared the hell out of his wife who got home at 7pm one evening to find her husband asleep on the lounge floor.

Falling Asleep from The Meditation Podcast

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